Best Disc Golf Putter Reviews [Buying Guide] in 2022

Do you want to buy the best disc golf putter? The market for putters is flooded with options. And which one is best for you? We are here to help you with extensive information about this. In this article, we have covered the buying guide and review for the best disc golf putter. 

Some of the most common types of disc golf putters include short-throw drivers, mid-range drivers, fairway drivers, and tomahawks. It is important to find the right type of putter for your playing style and skill level, as each has its advantages and disadvantages.

This is one of the simple games, in my view. If you don’t know how to play disc golf. Then follow this article. 

Top 10 Best Disc Golf Putters

Here we have discussed the best disc golf putter reviews. Dive deeply into this and choose what fits your need. I hope you will find the best one for your need.

Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge Best Golf Disc Putter 

This dynamic disc putter has been an amazing putter for everyone. It is one of the best disc golf putters on the market; in fact, it was the 2013 Thrower’s Choice Award for Disc of the Year. It’s a beaded putter, not really a deep one rim on it, but very comfortable. 

It comes in classic soft, more hard plastic, and then a classic blend between soft and hard plastic. Also, a little bit less stable putter has a straight flight, comes out of your hand, flies, and lands flat. 

This disc is thrown for shots, upshots, and as well as off the tee. Besides, it comes with classic plastic; it also comes in Lucid, Fuzion, and Bio Fuzion, and several different options for plastic for the Judge. And it has a Speed-2, Glide-4, Turn-0, and a Fade- 0.5. I think it is good for all types of throwers. The Dynamic Discs are just nice discs where we can do what we want.

When you put quite a bit of snap on it, it will fly straight, especially with its soft plastic. When it lands, it’s not going anywhere. This means it will come back to you. So, it’s great for an approach disc that can get you close to the basket. 

And as a putter, it gives you a nice line to the basket, and when you lift it in the air, it doesn’t go crazy and fly away; of course, if it’s pretty windy, it might do that. I really like this as a putter, what about you? Let us know in our comment section. 

Pros and Cons

  • Can handle high speed without fading
  • Stable to go, putter
  • Beads design promoted 
  • Reliable and predictable flight
  • Color problem
  • Does not have the burst pattern

Discraft Paul McBeth Signature Luna Disc Golf Putter

Luna is the first of the Paul Mcbeth Signature Series discs. It is in a unique jawbreaker rubber blend plastic. This plastic makes it very stiff.

Let’s get into the flight numbers. The Luna is a 3-speed,4 glides of four, and a 0 turn. In a fade of two with a staple D rating of zero points. Zero, as for the profile for the Luna, it is a flat-top speed. Because that flat-top makes it really comfortable for both putting and throwing, at least for myself. 

It feels shallower than it is. Just because it is very flat. You will get a little bit of a turn when you throw it. I tried to go more extreme on the second attempt. This kind of leaving it out wide and then lets it hang in a whole way and it almost does want to fight back right at the very end. And that’s what surprises you about Luna. 

So whether you’re a beginner or a top professional, this disc can do just about anything you need. It will shine on those wooded courses where you need to throw. 

I highly suggest picking up a Luna, no matter your skill level. You will not be disappointed. Hopefully, you got your answer for the best disc golf putters. If not, then head up next.

Pros and Cons

  • Good Design
  • Can’t go long

Innova DX Aviar Golf Disc

It is an Innova DX Aviar Putter and Approach Golf Disc. This is one of the best disc golf putters on the market. Aviar is made of DX material but is slightly different from any other product. How are they going to perform? It is made of a completely different plastic, a much more premium type of plastic. 

But this is one of the most common putters to see and it does fly very nicely. I highly recommend the Aviar if you want to start with spacer plastic.  We will have the same model moving into it on a glide. It will also not turn very much but will fade a little more. And you’ll notice that just looking at the profile; there’s a little bit more of a dip right here on the edge of the pink one. 

Aviar putter and approach is the number one-disc golf putter. Most of the champions won most of the matches with this putter. They prefer it more than any other putter. It comes with Speed 2, Turn 0, Glide 3 and Fade 1. You can choose from too many different colors. 

Decide on the base modeling Aviar with stiff plastic is a little bit cheaper to buy. It is on your budget. I highly recommend Aviar as a good starting party. So this is all for this one. Let’s go for the next one. 

Pros and Cons

  • Most consistent 
  • Best Quality and Design 
  • Perfect in color and solid putter

    Viking Discs Golf Putter

    This one is the review of Viking disc golf putter. A nice smooth grip and a slight dummy profile feel nice in hand.  The flat flipped up when we threw it with a hyzer. After throwing it on a hyzer release, it became a ruler. If there is a lot of wind out there, it’s hard for it to get down on the ground. But it turned into a great roller when we threw the Ragnarok into the sky.

    When you threw it with the sidearm release, it stood up and turned left into a roller. But it wasn’t that big of a roller. Again when you throw it on the sidearm, it will flip up and over to another person for a long time and flex at the very end. And that’s how we threw the Viking. 

    For me, It is a little slippery but still a great disc so it hides its flips. It’s flat, really nice. It’s a good flyer. I think a lot of people are going to really like it. Though I absolutely love it flew way better.

    Depending on the angle, it looked like it might just go straight. But it is nice, flows long, and is just at the right height. It will sail and sail and sail and just keep sailing awesome. This disc is probably better for a lower-arm speed player to have the ability to do that flip. 

    Pros and Cons

    • PGDA approved
    • Comfortable plastic 
    • Straight flying putter
    • Best use only as a putter

    Dynamic Judge Disc Golf Putter

    Another best disc golf putter review here. I have a special dynamic disc judge. It has classic plastic. This is one of the first bread-and-butter putters. It is fantastic and comes with so many different types of plastic. It’s a super popular putter. A lot of the top pros throw the judge putter. They like it. It’s a very comfortable putter and a very neutral straight-flying putter. Any type of thrower feels comfortable while throwing. 

    But we’re not going to demonstrate that particular aspect in this article. Let’s start it off by going to the profile. The dynamic disc judge was one of the first discs that the dynamic disc came out with. It has a thin profile relative to most putters, a beaded profile, and a flat profile on top. 

    The dynamic disc judge comes in a multitude of different plastics. There’s a classic plastic blend, classic soft fluid fusion Lucid, and some smell like blueberries. When you throw this disc, it seems to go exactly where you wanted it to. 

    When I threw the judge on a hyzer release, it stayed on that line the entire time. There were a few times when the disc started to come back. If we felt anything different, what did you think? You know, I thought it was a great disc, you know, when you switch between the different plastics. 

    It comes with Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 1 Speed 2. Provide enough glide, reliable flight, and stability to fight the wind. It is a fantastic disc golf putter that can handle high speed without fading. It also has an incredible grip and price. Choose the right one as per your need.

    Pros and Cons

    • Fantastic throwing
    • Perfect for beginners 
    • Identical weight
    • Color Problem

    Westside BT Medium Maiden Putter

    This Disc Golf Putter is made with premium plastic and was last year’s trilogy disc. It is a straight-flying best Frisbee golf putter. Also feels comfortable in all hands with premium-quality plastics and can throw comfortably. It has speed 3, Turn 0, Fade 1, and Glide 4.

    It’s a good disc for straight shots; it flies exactly like the maiden. Again it’s a very flat top, the low profile has a small bead, and it’s very comfortable to hand. It is a disc I recommend you put into your bag for shots. 

    BT medium maiden disc is one of the best disc golf putters of all time. Compared to most other popular putters, this putter is great for small hands and provides a comfortable feeling for all types of throwers. 

    It is still an excellent disc for that exact shot. It has great durability and a tricky grip. In too much heat, it holds its shape and it is for all conditions. Westside offers BT in their midranges and putters. If you choose it, you will fall in love with it. 

    Pros and Cons

    • Thin
    • 100% money-back guaranteed 
    • Neutral
    • Best for small hands

    Axiom Sports Plasma Envy Disc Golf Putter

    Now it’s the turn for Axiom plasma envy. It’s a nice over-stable putter, and the plasma plastics are cool. A nice color shift tends to it depending on the angle you hold it in the sunlight. It’s got a nice blue and purple color. It is an overstable putter and approach disc. Also provides lending confidence for both the putter and approach. It fits perfectly in hand. High-speed stability and minimal fade. 

    When you throw it straight at the basket and I’ll hold it, go straight, and then fade out at the end. You will definitely like this putter and it’s one of the favorite putters of every professional bag.  It’s pretty quick; for a good putt, shots must be focused on throwing it right at the basket. Keeping its level with the ground kept it flat and Obviously, you can see the true overstable flight of that putter. 

    There are no such differences between the soft Neutron Axiom plasma envy. And I haven’t noticed anything at all. So I think everybody’s going to be impressed. Everyone who bought this Axiom loved this putter for its color, approach, stability, and durability. Strongly recommended by professionals. It is suitable for all experience levels. 

    Pros and Cons

    • Great approach/putter
    • Best color 
    • Stable glide
    • For Short distance

    Parts of The Best Disc Golf Putter

    • Flight plate: The disc center
    • Shoulder: Connection between the rim and flight plate.
    • Upper rim profile: Shape between the nose and flight plate.
    • Lower rim profile: The shape of the lower outer rim
    • Rim bottom: The disc sits on the surface flat.
    • Rim wall: Vertical surface of the inside rim.
    • Flight plate bottom: Same area as the upper flight plate.

    What to look at when buying the best disc golf putters

    Generally, people start playing disc golf with discs borrowed from friends or discs they find in another way.

    After a while, they were stuck at the point where they could buy their discs. Well, when it comes to buying your discs, the putter is probably the most important in disc golf. Here we discuss how you can choose the best disc golf putters for your daily disc golf activity.  

    How the disc feels in your hand

    And several things can change how it feels. 


    An important component is a bead. In discs, beads are small ridges of plastic on the bottom. It can be used as a reference point for gripping the disc, so they know it’s the same grip every time. A beaded putter can see a big ridge along the bottom. The grip is more consistent, so people like the feel of it.

    A beadless putter is just rounded and it doesn’t have any other grip. Some people also like to choose beadless putters they feel clean release with. They thought that they couldn’t get that feeling with the bead. Overall, bead or beadless doesn’t matter with a flight that much. The bead generally helps the disc maintain its stability for a long time.

    Quality of Plastic

    The other thing that greatly affects the feel of a putter is plastic. Some Discs have four blends of plastic in the putters. Generally, these are the cheaper plastics. Moreover, they’re lower priced since discs in these plastics tend to wear out faster than discs in a more expensive material.

    You’ll choose a base plastic for your putter over a more premium plastic. Because the premium plastics are fairly slick, it will not be as consistent of a release when trying to be very touchy around the basket.

    When you’re trying to throw a putter, if you were trying to drive with a putter, then those premium plastics are gonna be a little bit more ideal ’cause they’re gonna be more durable. With a full-power shot, that little bit of grip variance won’t affect you as much as it would with a putt.

    So, there are four types of plastics in the best disc golf putters

    • Classic Plastic
    • Prime Plastic
    • Blend
    • Classic Soft plastic.

    Classic Plastic

    When you push around the edges, it doesn’t flex much. A little bit there, and the putter is still very grippy. But it does not flex down as much as the opposite side of the spectrum is flexing. 

    Classic Soft

    When you put the same pressure on this putter, it almost folds. It flexes down quite a bit around and outside. And this is much more grippy than the Classic Plastic.

    Blend plastic

    Therefore, my preferred material is Blend plastic like the Classic Blend Guard. If you push down around its edges, it will flex down a little bit. The same pressure is put on all other discs. 

    Prime Plastic

    Prime Plastic is more affordable than any other plastic. Generally, this plastic will season faster and get more dings and nicks around.

    Weight of Putter

    Newbies often overlook the weight when selecting their putters. Whenever you choose a putter or try to make a putt, you will want to stick close to the maximum weight. 

    Max weight for putters is usually around 174/176 grams. And every putter in that weight range will fly from putter to putter.

    When you use a 170-gram putter, will be used for long putts. The same way you’re throwing them. However, your speed will rise and your distance will increase slightly. The lighter putters you use inside the circle may cause you to miss high, plus you’ll hit the band more often.

    Putter Depth

    This is the most important thing to feel the putter. If you can feel the depth of a putter, then you can get more grip and power. With this, you can throw the putter more power and get better results. 

    You can use more arms and hands to throw the putter with a depth edge. And you can get more power.

    Putter Flies

    Most new players make mistakes while choosing the putter with its flies. Newbies only focus on how the golf disc putter flies. There are two types of flies in the putter. 

    1. Overstable putter: If you throw this putter into the basket with overstable putters. It will turn towards the right.
    2. Under stable putters: If you throw this putter, it will turn towards the left. 

    You have to choose the best putter which will not fade out. With an over or under-stable putter, if you throw the putter towards the basket, it will roughly fly in the same direction. It will turn a little. At the last point, don’t go with extremely overstable or extremely under-stable putters. Choose a disc that will not fade away to get the consistency of your putting power. 

    If you are playing in a windy area, choose a different type of putter. I suggest you buy extremely overstable or under-stable putters to tackle the wind. For your everyday playing, choose a normal stability putter. That is neutral with stability. 

    Pick up Several Putters

    Once you’ve decided on a putter, it is a good idea to go out and buy several. Not only as a backup but also for practicing putting if you lose your putter. Consistency on the course will be enhanced by having the same putter when practicing.

    What makes a good disc golf putter?

    Putters can vary greatly in design and construction materials. Factors determining a putter’s quality include weight, balance, head size and shape, grip material, and finish.

    Everyone has different preferences and standards for what makes a good disc golf putter. Some people may prefer a more stable putter that doesn’t wobble too much, while others may prefer a putter that is easier to control and can be thrown harder. Ultimately, the best disc golf putter is one that you feel comfortable using and allows you to make accurate throws.

    Facts to Know about Different Disc Golf Putter

    As we all know, there are many ways to putt. Some golfers prefer a standard putter with a flat face, while others prefer an Evolution or mid-range disc built for distance. But which type of putter is the best for beginners?

    To help you make this decision, here are some key facts about different types of disc golf putters:

    Standard Putters

    Standard golf putters, also known as putters with a flat face, are the most common. They have a basic design and are usually made from metal or plastic. This putter is good for beginner golfers because it’s easy to use and doesn’t require too much coordination or finesse.

    Mid-Range Putters

    Mid-range discs, typically about 18 inches in diameter, are designed for distance. They are heavier than standard putters and have a more pronounced curve on their club’s face. Because of this, they’re not as suitable for beginners but are good for more experienced golfers who want to hit longer shots.

    Evolution Putting Putters

    Evolution putting putters were invented by world champion player Phil Mickelson. It has a unique design that helps you make easier and more accurate Putts. These putters have a slightly concave face that encourages you to hold the disc more upright. They’re also built with heavier materials, making them more durable than standard putters.

    Putting Alley Putters

    Putting alley putters are a type of putter specifically designed for beginners. These discs are smaller (around 12 inches in diameter) and have extremely small rims. This makes them easier to control and allows you to make more accurate Putts.

    The Bottom Line for the Best Disc Golf Putter Review

    You should discover what works best for you and stick with it. If you’re looking for a good place to start, I recommend picking up a Judge, a Warden, or a Deputy. The Judge will give you a feel for that overstable beaded putter. Warden will give you a very straight flight and a beadless experience. You’ll have a microbead on the bottom of the Deputy that gives you that under-stable extra glide flight. 

    The term is used when there isn’t a full bead, but the bottom is not smooth. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more stable, you can try a Marshal or if you want something with a little more glide, you can try a Guard.

    It isn’t much wrong with any of these, so it only comes down to finding what is right for you and your game. Hopefully, you will find something that works for you as well. If you have any doubts about your putter, feel free to consult here.

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